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coloreel embroidery digitizing - BitsNPixs
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What We Do?

The Service We Offer is Specifically Designed to Meet the Coloreel Machine Embroidery Needs.

BitsNPixs is a reliable and high-quality Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing Service Provider across the world. We are happy to announce that BitsNPixs is now one of the pioneers of providing coloreel Digitizing and Embroidery Service with our own in-house facility. Coloreel came to stand in early 2019 as a Swedish textile innovation brand. Coloreel is the next level for the future of Digitized embroidery.

Our Process

Eight Steps To Vibrant Coloreel Embroideries

1. Design

Create your own unique Coloreel embroidery design using any digitizing software.

2. Export Design

Save your design as a DST file.

3. Do Colorization

Open the DST file in Coloreel Studio, our free colorization software.

4. Add Effects

Choose any number of solid colors, smooth color transitions or any type of effect that you can imagine.

5. Input Design

Input the DST file into your embroidery machine.

6. Input Colorization

Input the Coloreel Studio file into your Coloreel unit.

7. Start

Start your embroidery machine.

8. Finished

Watch your vibrant Coloreel embroidery being produced!

coloreel digitizing service - BitsNPixs

Coloreel Technology

Coloreel's technology will assist you in realizing your maximum potential. Instantaneously dyeing the thread on demand allows for more unique and creative designs while also substantially improving overall economic competitiveness.

Coloreel's technology provides a premium look and feels by experimenting with light and shadows in ways that other techniques can only dream of. Coloreel technology is meant to take your offer to the next level, with minimal trims and lock stitches, flawless front and backsides, and the flexibility to embroider on any material.

Coloreel Portfolios

We Create Beautiful Design, that Makes Difference.

We Design Your Desires

We Digitize Your Art Crisp and Clear Without any Thread Breakage