One Thread, One Needle – All the Colours!

BitsNPixs Offers Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing

BitsNPixs is now Authorized Digitizing Partner of Coloreel

As a coloreel embroidery digitizing company, we offer the most sought coloreel Embroidery digitizing service that imposes all the colors you need before the thread enters the embroidery machine.

Every Color in a Single Thread? POSSIBLE!

Midas may turn everything into gold, but the new Coloreel turns white thread into an infinite rainbow.

The play with colors ends up right before the sewing action. We specialize in planning and implementing your requirements correctly, considering every color and its gradients. Attention to detail is what puts us forth among our competitors.

We digitize your design into a machine-readable embroidery file format. We have a team of skilled digitizers who can digitize your design without reducing the appeal of the art.

Our Process

Eight Steps To Vibrant Coloreel Embroideries

1. Design

We’re going to create your required design using digitizing software. So that you know – all we need is your basic concept.

2. Export Design

The digitized design will then be exported to a DST File.

3. Do Colorization

We import the DST file into the free Coloreel Studio software from Coloreel, which does the magic you are waiting for.

4. Add Effects

You can select from your choice of solid colors, smooth color transitions, or any effect you can imagine.

5. Input DST

We input the DST file from our digitizing software into the embroidery machine.

6. Input CSE

We input the CSE file from the Coloreel Studio to the Coloreel Unit.

7. Start

Start our production with our fingers crossed to see your design embroidered with the Instant Thread Coloring technology – Coloreel.

8. Final Act

Watch your vibrant Coloreel embroidery being produced.

Quick Order

Note: Maximum file size 4MB.

Why Coloreel?

Single coloreel uses a single thread, and inventories and stock usage are minimum leading to a sustainable environment. This also reduces wastage without reduction in the precision of the colorful art. Coloring multi-threads with high quality are the best fitment for textile production. coloreel technology is a single instant coloring unit that saves time and effort to maintain.

The stand-alone thread coloring machine can be used with various machines without any constraints. It is flexible enough to create any complex color combination by just coloring the base thread.

The transition from one color to another is seamless. Gradual transition or solid color change, coloreel brings it all to the fabric. No needle change or reels change. Moving from one order to another is that quick. This reduces setup time and increases productivity by 300 per cent.

Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing Service

We offer coloreel embroidery digitizing services that produce designs with any color combinations with just one base thread. For a multi-color logo or multi gradient fabric embroidery, choosing the right coloreel embroidery digitizer will help you get quality output. The embellishment quality is instantly brought with minimum trims and lock stitches.


Years in

Why Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing Service with BitsNPixs?

BitsNPixs has expertly trained coloreel embroidery digitizers who are hardworking and lifetime learners of the latest coloreel embroidery digitization advancements. Our commitment to quality and delivery time has brought us this many clienteles since we started.

BitsNPixs offers a kind of coloreel embroidery digitizing service that brings life to imagination. Every creation means a lot to us, so we ensure you are satisfied. We strive hard to deliver more than you expect.

We help you with the design planning and work on iterations till you are satisfied. We try our best to deliver designs that exactly match your requirements. All the sentiments and creativity are brought to the thread without flaws.

Our coloreel embroidery digitizing service will be the best possible price in the market that allows you to live your colorful dream at a reasonable price.

Speedy Delivery

We offer a single day coloreel embroidery digitizing service, which would take 24 hours to deliver. All your instant embroidery needs to be taken care of!

Precise and Accurate

The coloreel embroidery digitization we deliver will be in a quality that has no reduction in precision or accuracy. Every complexity is handled with care!

Exact Colouring

Our final DST file will match your color requirements and produce a gradient as per your need. Any color gradient will replicate any color gradient!


We Create Beautiful Design, that Makes Difference.

coloreel digitizing service - BitsNPixs

Coloreel Technology

With changing times, our requirements for mass production of designs for tablecloths, dresses, shirts, etc., are huge. The sewing and embroidery industry has evolved with all sorts of technology additions. In the new decade, the Dyeing industry hopes to evolve into a green enterprise constantly innovating for a brighter future.

Coloreel is such a kind of technology in embroidery that helps to accurately bring life to design with an unlimited array of colors. If you need a large arrangement of rainbow-themed thread on fabric, coloreel does it all to a single spool of thread by dyeing.

Gradients, combinations, and textures are brought to printing with a dyeing speed of 200mm embroidery thread per second. This process is just like printing with colors using the CMYK process.

Since only one thread is used, it creates a smoother lining, eliminating bindings and embellishments. In terms of sustainability, in coloreel embroidery service, inventories are kept to a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Coloreel?

Coloreel is a newly evolved technology, a thread coloring unit widely used in the textile industry to produce complex embroidery designs in one single thread. The operational thread speed matches the conventional embroidery machine.

Why is Coloreel the Best Option for Embroidery?

The most sought technology in recent times is coloreel, which helps you accurately produce your embroidery design at a fast pace with less use of inventories.

What is Coloreel Embroidery Digitizing?

Coloreel embroidery digitizing is the service that creates machine understanding designs with required color combinations and quality matrices so that the coloreel unit can provide the designs with the way you want.

What are the Designs that can Produce with Coloreel?

Anything from brand embroidery to creative fabric embroidery that needs color combinations can be produced with coloreel embroidery.

How many Colors can Coloreel Embroidery produce?

The colors are unlimited and can be produced as per your requirement. We impose the right color combinations to match your needs.

Without any Thread Breakage

We Digitize Your Art Crisp and Clear Without any Thread Breakage