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software development service - BitsNPixsWe build enterprise-scale custom software applications. From back office transaction processing to front-end eCommerce and everything in between, we help you get exactly the system you want. Built to support your business processes, precisely work the way you work. Which is how we believe IT should work!

BitsNPixs offers robust, reliable, and scalable software development solutions to fulfil your enterprise needs. We are experts in rightly identifying the customers' business needs, choosing the right technology, and developing a solution for the identified business need.

We are specialized in developing reliable and high-performing universal, scalable software, including Desktop applications, Ecommerce applications, Web applications, Web sites, Mobile websites, Mobile applications, iOS Development, and CRM applications. Also, our services include the development of custom applications, products, and SEO optimization on websites.

Our technically proficient designers are well equipped with the skills required to design high-quality websites strictly abiding by web standards and guiding principles to deliver world-class websites.

Our teams of architects, technical consultants, project managers, and developers have the finest knowledge of current technologies. They have good know-how in development to back in taking up any challenges. Our team has delivered many custom solutions to global clients and always stood up to their intensifying expectations.

We are equipped with developing applications exploiting the Microsoft Technologies and Apple iOS, which target iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

How Do We Work?

  • Extensive use of function prototypes, which helps the clients for easy evaluation.
  • We are adopting the best design pattern and proven methodologies that fit the application.
  • We adopt a generic coding standard in every project, which facilitates the ability to scale resources quickly.
  • We are delivering small units of functionality to the client, which favors the feedback to impact the rest of the development.
  • Manual testing commences once the coding concludes. The test cases are devised from the client's requirement to deliver a bug-free application on the pre-decided milestone.
  • We are extending extensive training to the end-user. This facilitates them to work at ease with the software.
  • We remain reliable to extend our continued support to all the developed and delivered software applications throughout its life and advocate to our customers on technological transformations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Developers
  • Better Project Management
  • Internal Quality check
  • High-Speed Connectivity
  • Affordable rates
  • Ability to handle large projects

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